Skal du først mislike "Mamma Mia!" ...

The New Yorkers framifrå filmkritiker Anthony Lane anmelder "Mamma Mia!":

"Sophie resides on a Greek island, an island like any other, where gnarled old ladies drop whatever they're doing in the olive grove and tunefully join in on nineteen-seventies Swedish pop songs. She lives there with her mother, Donna (Meryl Streep), who has been running a shabby hotel for many years, and who wears dungarees to signal her lack of reliance on a man."

Og han fortsetter:

"I thought that Pierce Brosnan had been dragged to the edge of endurance by North Korean sadists in his final Bond film, "Die Another Day," but that was a quick tickle with a feather duster compared with the agony of singing Abba's "S.O.S." to Meryl Streep through a kitchen window. Somebody, either a cheeky Swede or another North Korean, has deliberately scored the number a tone and a half too high, with visible results: swelling muscles along the jawline, tightened throat, a panicky bulge in the eyes. There is no delicate way of putting this, but anyone watching Brosnan in mid-delivery will conclude that he has recently suffered from a series of complex digestive problems, and that the camera has, with unfortunate timing, caught him at the exact moment when he is finally working them out."

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23.07.2008 kl.23:44

Hei, snuppa. Strålende å se at du ikke har en blogg. Jeg liker slikt.


24.07.2008 kl.01:21

Jeg har forresten lagt lenke til din ikkeblogg på min blogg (jeg er mer rett frem sånn). Håper det er greit.

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